About us

Adamant athletics was founded by Jon Poole. He wrestled in high school, college, studied martial arts and had 16 cage fights.

At adamant we believe that life is a fight. Gravity is everywhere, and you have to fight not to be dragged down. Adamant's owner believes just that. He Refuses to be dragged down as a husband, father, teacher, coach, friend, Christian, and any other number of hats one would wear on a daily basis. 

This clothing company is meant to reflect to how strongly we believe in these ideologies. We are all fighting battles in life, no matter in the ring or daily adversity. Everyday you wake and and keep striving to grow, you are a fighter!

Success to us is having our customers walk away pleased knowing they received quality attire and gear. With that being said, while we would like to make a profit that is no the only goal of our company. Over the last two years we were able to donate a substantial amount of money(to us) to multiple charities that hit close to home. This is a value we stand by. Fighting not only for ourselves, but for others.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your support and joining the adamant family!